An authentic life is a

is a soul-satisfying life.

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Living more authentically is glorious. It’s mind-boggling, fun, and freeing. While daunting at times, it’s always amazing. Soul-satisfying beyond words.

My journey to greater authenticity began years ago during a time when my life looked wonderful, but persistently felt out of sync. I couldn’t find a sense of ease or balance. I felt perpetually overwhelmed and exhausted. And so it all began…

Before long my life evolved into a better reflection of me. I’m sharing ideas and inspirations from my journey here… and I hope you’ll join me.

We must tend to ourselves, consistently, if we’re going to shine our light.

Begin the week with including yourself as a top priority. The stronger we are, the better we can serve in our own unique ways.

Take some time today to acknowledge and appreciate the abundance in your life.

Thoughts of lack are prevalent for many, yet they are untrue and, therefore, unnecessary.

Removing the unwanted and the unnecessary paves the way for all that’s meant to be, all that lights you up.

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