Being true to yourself in every possible way.


Helped me regain my confidence…

Before I called Julie, I was a mess. I had lost my job and not only didn’t know what I wanted to do but I didn’t have the confidence in myself to do it. The thought of sitting through interviews terrified me, and any job that I wouldn’t have gotten would have felt like another failure.

At the beginning of my coaching, she had more confidence in me than I had in myself. Julie is a great listener and has the ability to pull out details of what I say to help me decide what is best for me. She taught me what it truly means to have balance in my life. Working with her helped me regain my confidence.

– Kim (Pennsylvania)

Helped me realize QUALITY is a standard I don’t want to compromise…

Thank you, thank you, thank you for helping me realize that seeking QUALITY in all aspects of my life, professionally as well as personally, is a standard that I don’t want to compromise. I have come a long way in the last two years from feeling broken and rudderless. I am worthy, I know this. You have been a BIG part of my healing journey and you’ve seen the many layers of my transitions.

– Wick (Maryland)

Helped me have a more optimistic outlook…

As a coach Julie is focused, always encouraging, practical and compassionate. Based on her corporate background and her switch to an entrepreneurial role, she has a broad perspective. She also has an understanding of my entrepreneurial goals and the concerns I have. Our coaching sessions provide a huge lift for me. Often, the discussions with Julie help me have a more optimistic outlook, which is half the battle!

I definitely appreciate Julie’s holistic approach to coaching. She looks at the whole person, not just a slice of my life. Julie is always ready to pick up where we left off, and I always feel that she really cares about me and helping me move forward.

– Judith (Canada)

Helped me build confidence and better define who I am…

You truly helped me build confidence and better define who I am and how I fit into this wide world…I’ll never forget how you took time out of your schedule to personally call me on Friday evening when my inner critic was totally off the hook! That meant so much!

– Kat (Pennsylvania)

Helped me break [my dreams] down into manageable steps…

Working through the coaching process in which no thoughts are dismissed…anything is possible…Julie helped me break the whole process down into manageable steps. In no time at all, she helped me prove that my dreams were realistic. I could make a living doing something I loved. I felt re-energized

I hadn’t been sure of anything for a long time, but Julie systematically helped me get my confidence back. That was huge. As a result of coaching with her, I found a person I thought was missing…ME!

– Leslie (Pennsylvania)

Opened up a huge spectrum of career opportunities I never thought possible…

Before I began working with Julie I worried constantly about what other kind of career I could pursue at this time in my life. After being in my line of work for 13 years, straight out of college, I wasn’t sure what to do. I could “take the easy way out” and stay within my industry, but my work was no longer fulfilling.

Thanks to working with Julie, I opened up a huge spectrum of career opportunities that I never thought possible.

– Todd (Georgia)

Broke down the arduous process of career change into manageable steps…

For me, Julie has broken down the arduous process of making a long awaited career change into manageable steps. She has very constructive ideas about how to proceed and provides timely and thorough follow-up to the sessions. I would recommend her to anyone who has taken too long to make important changes and needs encouragement and guidance to take that first step.

– Richard (England)

Helped me focus on aligning my career with who I really am as a person…

Before coaching with Julie I felt stuck and trapped. I knew I needed to make a job and/or career change, but was overwhelmed with the challenges in doing that at this point in my life. I found Julie’s coaching program logical, well defined, and natural. The results and insights seemed to flow naturally during the exercises and our weekly conversations.

The coaching process was very worthwhile for me because Julie really helped me focus on the important aspects of aligning my career with who I really am as a person. The most satisfying aspect of coaching was that ultimately, with Julie’s guidance, I took the steps. This really boosted my confidence and self-esteem. Her coaching gave me the lift I needed as I redefined my career and shaped my job search.

– Tim (Indiana)

At a time when I was unsure I could be successful on my own, she guided me…

Julie helped me through my transition to business owner from corporate employee. At a time when I was unsure that I could be successful on my own, she guided me through the discovery and planning processes. Soon I was on my way! As things unfolded, my career coaching sessions quickly morphed into business coaching sessions for a start-up. She is flexible, creative, and brought out the best in me!

– Patty (Pennsylvania)

Helped me think everything through and gave me a feeling of confidence…

I’ve really enjoyed the coaching experience and interaction with you through this personal evolution. It has been  deeply intellectual, mystical, invigorating and emotionally driven.

I’ve so appreciated your approach, words of wisdom, and light-hearted, positive way of helping me think everything through and giving me a feeling of confidence that I can trust my instincts to bring me to the right place.

– Sheryl (New Jersey)

When we first talked, I was a mess with jumbled feelings…personal traits and skills I knew had potential but didn’t know how to best utilize…

They offered me the position! This is a huge change in my overall career path. I’m excited to be working in a new industry; I’ll have the opportunity to put my favorite skills to use every day; and I’ll be creating products/tools which will keep my expertise relevant.

When we first talked, I was a mess with jumbled feelings I couldn’t articulate, personal traits and skills I knew had potential but didn’t know how to best utilize, and a one-dimensional view of myself. Now I have a better understanding of who I am, and what I have to offer. I’m very optimistic about this new opportunity. Thanks, Julie!

– Jamie (Pennsylvania)


Helped me see what I was capable of…

Checking in to let you know that the new job is AWESOME! I’ve recently looked at my “vision” from one of our first sessions and I can’t believe how spot on this new position and career is for me.

I’m able to build on the knowledge I have and learn new things all the time. Thank you for helping me see what I was capable of and for waiting for the right opportunity.

Everything lined up as it was meant to!

– Donna (Pennsylvania)

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