Imagine flourishing in your career.

Imagine being paid to be who you are.

Career satisfaction is about more than a prestigious position and a great salary. It’s about meaning and purpose in your work, a sense of fulfillment and passion. It’s about thriving as you contribute authentically to the world.

This sense of satisfaction is not for just a privileged few…those who got a lucky break or happened to be in the right place at the right time. I’ve found career satisfaction. You can too.

Let’s define the best career path for you and achieve it using my proven coaching process and my unparalleled commitment to you and your success.

Broke down the arduous process of career change into manageable steps…

For me, Julie has broken down the arduous process of making a long awaited career change into manageable steps. She has very constructive ideas about how to proceed and provides timely and thorough follow-up to the sessions. I would recommend her to anyone who has taken too long to make important changes and needs encouragement and guidance to take that first step.

– Richard (England)

Career Coaching delivers the results you desire and deserve, at whatever pace is most comfortable and convenient for you.

Together we generate real life results by:

  • Clarifying your unique talents, interests, and personality style and discovering the critical connection this has to satisfying work.
  • Determining if you are best suited for traditional employment or can thrive as an entrepreneur.
  • Aligning your personal values and your desired career responsibilities, workplace culture, and lifestyle.
  • Identifying career options that are a solid match for you.
  • Exploring your top career options and selecting your best-fit career path.
  • Creating a customized, practical job search strategy to lead you to your ideal role.
  • Increasing your confidence with pre-interview practice sessions and a door-opening resume to reflect who you are and what you have to offer.
  • Evaluating employment offers and negotiating to ensure the best possible outcome.

My proven Career Coaching process is available to anyone who is stressed out, burnt out, or concerned about their career path, regardless of the reason.

Are you tired of worrying about your career? I understand and can help. It’s easier than you think, faster and more effective than you might expect.

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