Encouragement along the pathway to

authenticity and fulfillment.

Savor the Seasons
Savor the Seasons

Daily Prompts for an Authentic Life of Clarity, Confidence & Joy

Focusing on themes of awareness, nature, spirituality and more, Savor the Seasons offers thoughts to help you pause and rediscover yourself in the midst of your busy life. Let these heartfelt inspirations, thought-provoking questions, and practical ideas subtly guide you to more clarity, confidence and joy.

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A few kinds words about Savor the Seasons…

“This book is a great way to start your day. It reminds me to focus on what really matters in life before getting caught up in “the daily grind”. Try it out, you may find it changes the way you look at your day, and life.”

– Roland

“I absolutely love this book. I have several daily devotionals, but this one is so inspiring and precious. Each writing is full of wisdom, grace and joy and has such positive messages to start each day. These writings teach us to be gentle and nurturing to ourselves, as well as to others, since we’re all in this journey together. These daily prompts gently encourage the reader to savor each day as it unfolds and to enjoy each moment. I just bought 2 more copies to give as gifts and I’m sure I’ll be buying more for gifts!”

– Lori

“Savor the Seasons is a charming book of daily prompts for authentic living. The author directs us to be ourselves and find joy in everything we do. I will be gifting the twenty something girls in my life with this treasure!”

– Sue

Inspired by Julie’s personal journey and those of her clients from all walks of life, Savor the Seasons will encourage you, prompting you to reflect on your life and live more joyfully, confidently and authentically.

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We must tend to ourselves, consistently, if we’re going to shine our light.

Begin the week with including yourself as a top priority. The stronger we are, the better we can serve in our own unique ways.

Take some time today to acknowledge and appreciate the abundance in your life.

Thoughts of lack are prevalent for many, yet they are untrue and, therefore, unnecessary.

Removing the unwanted and the unnecessary paves the way for all that’s meant to be, all that lights you up.

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