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This is your time to thrive!

There’s something powerful about deciding what you want in life and being confident enough to make it happen. Moving from an unfulfilling life of “should’s” to a strong sense of well-being that comes from a life lived intentionally and authentically is priceless.

I’ve experienced this shift, and I want to help you experience it too.

My life changed organically as I re-discovered exactly who I am… and decided how I most want to live each day. I’ve launched my own business, unleashed my creative side, deepened my faith journey, and embraced daily self-care practices. Every aspect of my life has become enriched and aligned.

Being true to yourself is sometimes surprising, always evolving… and completely real. I’ve found the fulfillment and ease I was seeking. You can too.

Creating a life that is integrated and balanced is more than a pipedream… it’s a powerful possibility, and together we can make it happen.

Highlighted in a profound way that I DO need to be thinking about the future so I can live intentionally and authentically…

You continue to be profound! I’m good about treasuring the moment but haven’t asked myself, what I treasure now nor what I really want the future to look like… you highlighted in a profound way, that I DO need to be thinking about what I want the future to look like so that I can live intentionally and authentically.

– Karen (California)

Life Coaching is a transformational journey. Together we discover your most authentic, capable self… and align your life to better reflect true you.

Customized self-discovery activities and transformational coaching sessions will reveal your deepest desires and best answers. My objective, fresh perspectives will support you as your clarity and confidence increase and your path to a more authentic life becomes a practical action plan.

Our work together is flexible and confidential, delivering real life results in any area of your life, including these 6 facets of a well-lived life:

  • Career/Life Balance
  • Creativity
  • Fun/Leisure
  • Relationships
  • Signature Style/Self-Care
  • Spirituality

Ready to be who you are meant to be… to live large and love your life?

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If someone pushes for their agenda in your life and then calls you selfish for not complying, who is really the selfish one???
#trueyou #ownit

Self-awareness and self-care are not selfish.

I've cultivated checking in with myself throughout the day and then making choices that feel right for me in the moment.
#lifebalance #thrive

I've eliminated pushing, rushing, and striving from my life and have never felt better.
#hsp #infj

True you is calm you, happy you, loving you, energized you, flourishing you.

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