The Power of Giving Yourself Permission

The Power of Giving Yourself Permission

If there is one thing I’m frequently discussing with clients, it’s the importance and power of giving themselves permission. It may sound odd that adults from all walks of life, with rich and varied backgrounds, need permission for anything, but in fact they do. We all do. It’s often one of the biggest keys to our ability to move forward.

So, in what ways might you give yourself permission…permission to live larger, to love your life more?

Here are some examples that might spark a familiar knowing in you:

  • Permission to say ‘no’. Let’s get the really tough one out of the way;-)  Saying ‘no’ is very hard for many of us but it is one of the healthiest and most important things we can do. For ourselves. For those we care about. When we say ‘no’, we free up time and energy for the more important ‘yes’ aspects of our lives.
  • Permission to invest in ourselves. This could be an investment of time, money, or effort. This could be an investment in education, a massage, a day off, or a cleaning person for your home. This could be whatever you need it to be. When we slow down long enough to consider our needs, ideas for investing in ourselves surface. Investing in ourselves typically yields many positive returns for everyone within our circle of influence.
  • Permission to trust ourselves. You have your answers. I know this because we each have an internal GPS system that guides us along the way. You know what resonates deeply within you and what doesn’t. You know what energizes you and what doesn’t. You know when you’re feeling tuned in, tapped in, and turned on. And when you’re not. The key is to begin to trust yourself.
  • Permission to explore options. You probably do this when planning a vacation or buying a car so why not do it across the board? With your career options? With your juicy creative ideas? With anything in your life that could use an upgrade or enhancement? You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by simply exploring your options.
  • Permission to be yourself. Think about it. Aren’t the most interesting {and fulfilled} people those who have followed their unique path? Don’t you find it refreshing to talk with or read about someone who lives what may be considered an unconventional life or who has taken a divergent path? There is nothing more purposeful or natural than dropping the ‘shoulds’ and living in full-out authenticity.

The options for granting ourselves permission are endless, the power in granting ourselves permission is priceless.

Permission to try, permission to fail, permission to learn, grow, change, bust out, start over, try again. The fastest way out of wherever you are is to grant yourself permission…whatever that looks like for you.


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