6 Steps to a More Authentic Life

6 Steps to a More Authentic Life

Recently, I’ve been coming back, continually, to the same realization about creating a more authentic life:

No matter what facet of life you desire to align more authentically, the exact same process is necessary.

Whether you want to find a more fulfilling career, deepen your spiritual journey, clean up one or more relationships, spark your creativity, enjoy more leisure time,  or express yourself more genuinely through your signature style ~ the same basics apply.

If you want to upgrade one or more aspects of your life, the following 6 steps need to become a way of life:

  • Make authentic choices in all areas of your life. This is a moment-by-moment way of living and being. It can’t be rushed or forced. Every situation is a mini-crossroads and you get to choose your most authentic action or response each and every time.
  • Go within. Ask. Listen. Trust. Act. Follow your inner wisdom regardless of ‘common sense’, ‘logic’ or the opinions of others. You KNOW what you know. Own it. Live it.
  • Use your deepest feelings as your flawless GPS. Your gut will guide you if you allow it to do so. Step gently through your fears {most are unfounded and exaggerated} and navigate forward, following the truths that keep surfacing for you.
  • Hold all situations loosely. Remind yourself that all situations are temporary. LIFE on this earth is temporary and so is your current situation. The reality of this can put things into perspective pretty quickly.
  • Embrace it all. Every circumstance, all of the ups and downs, are conveying a message. Each and every message is your true self sending you valuable feedback. Pay attention, accept it {rather than fight it or try and ignore it} ~ even if you perceive  the message as negative. All messages have equal value and are giving you the chance to respond with an authentic choice or option.
  • Be appreciative. This is your life; you’re alive and you have options. That combination is plenty of reason to be appreciative.

These 6 steps are the pathway to creating a more authentic life. The specific circumstances will be unique to you. None of our journeys are the same because we are each wonderfully unique.

Becoming more authentic and reaping the multitude of benefits is a process. It doesn’t happen overnight and it’s not easy. But it’s SO worth it that you’re selling yourself short if you don’t commit to the process.

Stop stressing about fitting in, keeping up, doing it ‘right’ or controlling it all. Take a deep breath. Relax into yourself.

Read and re-read these 6 steps, open yourself up and let the process become comfortable and familiar to you.

Yes, it will take time, patience and practice. You’re realigning and redesigning your life. What could be more valuable or important? What could possibly be more fulfilling than thriving as authentic you?


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