Keep Going

Keep Going

If you’re on the path to a more authentic, soulful way of living and being it requires ~ above all ~ that you keep going.

Your focus may be on improving your personal wellness, seeking and building right relationships or considering a more fulfilling career — all require you to keep going.

Whether you’re establishing greater financial stability, exploring a deeper level of spirituality or desiring true peace and ease in any life situation, perseverance is necessary.

Often, because we cannot see the exact path to take or a guaranteed outcome, we dismiss ideas or life choices that are repeatedly resurfacing in our hearts and minds. To ignore these promptings is to settle.

There are always many ‘reasons’ to give up (sometimes before you even get started). Change is typically perceived as overwhelming and extremely uncomfortable. It might seem easier to stick with the same old, same old.

But, in truth, it’s not easier. Whether you feel stuck in one or more facets of life, things won’t magically be resolved. Rarely do external circumstances shift in your favor without your intentional involvement.

So although avoidance, busyness or denial fleetingly may feel like your best choice, they only increase your pain and delay your best outcomes.

To reduce overwhelm and discomfort, allow yourself to take small steps. Research, read, learn, grow.

Take time for yourself to explore what you most want. Invest in professional guidance. Ask yourself meaningful questions and honor your answers. Listen, really listen, to your recurring desires and then respond.

A new season is right around the corner, and you can make a fresh start. You do not have to push, strive or scare yourself silly with big, bold changes. Fancy declarations, excessive goals and unrealistic deadlines are not recommended. Harsh self-judgments should be banished.

Simply begin. Gently and thoughtfully. Entertain the possibilities that have been dancing in your mind for quite some time. Daydream and dabble. Then explore your options.

Build your comfort level. Pace yourself. Take small steps. And remember, what will make all the difference over time is that you keep going.


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