Embrace Your Authentic Feelings

Embrace Your Authentic Feelings

Feelings get a lot of bad press, at least that’s been my experience. We’re frequently told, directly and indirectly, that we can’t trust our feelings, that they’ll lead us astray, but I adamantly disagree.

The key to tapping into the positive power of your feelings is discerning surface-level ego feelings from the truer, more resonant ones that reside deep within you.

These deeper feelings reflect the truth of who you are and can make a significant difference in your levels of ease and joy.

When we follow our deepest, most authentic feelings they serve as a reliable GPS. Learning to slow down, listen, trust, and respond to our deep feelings takes some time and effort. Everything worthwhile does.

We have to build a comfort level with our feelings because many of us have learned to dismiss, belittle, or deny our most authentic feelings. We’ve become accustomed to doing whatever it takes to numb ourselves and NOT feel.

Because I’m always playing around with ways to live more authentically, I’ve started a new practice during my morning quiet time: I jot down how I want to feel during the upcoming day.

For example, this morning when I asked myself “how do I want to FEEL today”, the following responses readily surfaced:

  • I want the feeling of satisfaction that will come from tying up some loose ends, taking care of business.
  • I want the tactile feeling of hands-on creating. I want to get my fingers in some paint, play with my pastels, and maybe sketch.
  • I want the vibrant feeling of gentle motion and movement.
  • I want the feelings of delight and appreciation for milder temps and fresh air.
  • I want the sweet feeling of pampering that comes from one of my self-care practices.

As I write how I want to feel in my journal, I realize that it’s another simple and enjoyable way to connect with my authentic self in the moment, at the beginning of a fresh new day. Asking how I want to feel each morning takes me beyond my ‘to do’ list and generates a different sort of healthy, holistic balance. A gentle set of intentions are established.

My daily, top-of-mind list of feelings is a pleasant and positive way to honor mind, body, and spirit. It’s a rhythmic practice that can generate greater awareness and responsiveness within any or all facets of life.

As my days unfold, I’m noticing that I am more attuned to my feelings in general. Today, I’ve been feeling light, positive, and aligned with how I intended to feel.

I think I’m onto something, so for now this is part of my morning ritual. A simple addition, an expanded way of thinking about how to best maximize and enjoy each day.

How about you? How do you want to feel?


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