Ebb & Flow

Ebb & Flow

Have you ever noticed that if you allow it, your energy, motivation, even your intensity about things, has a natural ebb and flow?

Some days or weeks, you’re tuned in, tapped in, and turned on. You are compelled to make things happen, tie up loose ends, or start something fresh. You are energized by new ideas, need less sleep, feel ready to tackle something you’ve let linger.

You’re in a cycle of flow, it’s a wonderful way to live and to be, and you experience some or all of these:

  • You feel bold, clear-minded, and vibrant.
  • Things come easily and effortlessly.
  • You are aligned and have an organic sense of momentum and accomplishment.
  • People and situations present themselves as if by magic.
  • All is right with your world; you’re experiencing flow.

Other times you’re inclined to do much less. Nothing is all that desirable except slowing down, taking it easy, pulling back. At this point you realize:

  • There are things you could do, but your preference is to chill.
  • It feels better to do the minimum required and leave it at that.
  • You prefer to shift into a lower gear and coast for a bit.
  • Exerting any extra effort feels burdensome and annoying.
  • All is right with your world; you’re in an ebb cycle.

It’s important to remember life is a blend of ebb and flow. You’re human; you’re not a machine.

You’ll go farther, faster when you nurture your unique rhythms whether they be daily, weekly, seasonal or otherwise.

I often find myself in mini-cycles of two or three dynamic days followed by a day or two of as much kick-back-and-relax as possible.

We often think flow is better, that we should always be productive and doing. I love the sense of accomplishment that comes from my flow cycles.

On the other hand, I’ve learned to embrace my ebb cycles. It’s taken time {much longer than I ever imagined!} and practice to relax into ebb periods. They are necessary and, thankfully, I’ve proven it’s okay to trust and enjoy my ebb cycles; they generate very positive results.

There is a healthy and purposeful balance to ebb and flow in all facets of our lives. Sometimes more, sometimes less…of anything.

After a flow cycle, we need to pause, recharge our battery, and unwind in the ebb. Then, the pendulum swings the other way and we feel ready to take action, do something, find our flow.

The more you look for, play with, and nurture your ebbs and flows, the more seamless life becomes.

It’s really an optimal way of living, working, and playing.

Try it. Start noticing. Embrace your authentic patterns of ebb and flow. Delight in the contrast. Appreciate how each cycle supports and encourages the other. This is you at your best. It’s you living responsively and reaping the many benefits.


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