What long-term nagging desire or desires continue to flutter through your mind? You know, those persistent longings that regularly remind you of something you really want in your life?

Those things that, at a glance, seem too big, too far-fetched, too good to be true? Those tidbits or full-blown ideas that never seem to go away? The ones that lurk and surface more often than you care to admit? Yeah, those things.

These recurring hopes and dreams of yours are perfect for you, and I have good news ~ lots of good news ~ about these authentic longings.

Your longings are purposeful. Whatever it is that’s on your heart and soul, it’s meant for you. These aren’t fantasies or pointless daydreams. They are, in some way, shape or form meant to be experienced, to come to fruition. They’re part of your unique purpose; an expression of true you.

We all have these purposeful prompts. Some of us act on them, some of us do not. If they didn’t matter, if they weren’t intended to be a positive force, why do they keep showing up and asking for our time and attention?

Your longings are potent. While on the surface your desires may seem to be vague ideas without substance, they are much more. Your glimmers of ideas are filled with potential for you and, most likely, for others as well. If you think about it, you can probably see how following your dream can be a blessing to yourself and to others. That is potent.

Life-changing, power-packed ideas typically start small and grow over time. They become clearer and more positive as we work with them, nurture them, explore them, and experiment with them.

Your longings are empowering. We’re not here merely to survive; we’re here to thrive. Your juiciest longings are catalysts for something more. Although you don’t have every answer or know every step, you can move forward. You can ask, learn, build your knowledge, your confidence, your vision, and your momentum.

One step at a time, one decision at a time is how you do it. The process, with all it’s ups, downs, and unknowns is empowering. Each step becomes easier. You get more comfortable with the unknown and adversity. You are reminded that you’re more resilient than you think and that support is available from unexpected people and places.

Your longings are possible. Turning your deepest longings into reality is possible. People from all walks of life do it all the time. You’ve done it before. Think about it. Consider where you are and what you’ve already achieved that, at one time, seemed impossible to you. You’ve made the impossible possible before, you can do it again.

So give it some thought. What is it in your life that wants to become reality? What have you been avoiding or denying? What do you really desire?

Your longings are yours and yours alone. Waiting to be realized. Full of purpose, potential, empowerment and possibility.

Step up. Step out. Now is the time. Choose to turn your longings into whatever it is they are meant to be.


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