Soul Satisfaction

Soul Satisfaction

Here’s a life changing concept:  soul satisfaction. For me, soul satisfaction is the ultimate.

It’s the truth, the measuring stick, and the best choice in every situation.

Soul satisfaction is the result of being, doing, or having whatever is smack-dab on target for you. It, whatever it is, is so aligned with who you are, you feel resonance deep within.

Soul satisfaction applies equally to the big, flashy, and grand and to the small, ordinary, and exquisitely simple aspects of life. It’s all a matter of perspective; it’s about whatever is perfectly right for you in any given moment.

Soul satisfaction is your internal GPS. It’s always  available as you navigate life. The question is — are you listening? Are you following your inner wisdom or are you overriding it?

Determining whether you live with soul satisfaction or not is actually quite easy:

  • Do you experience more peace or more turmoil in your day?
  • Do you have a sense of flow and well-being most of the time or do you more often feel stuck, worried, or agitated?
  • Do you frequently have thoughts of gratitude or is your mind filled with negativity and lack?

The more positive, healthy, and whole your life feels to you, the more you are living with soul satisfaction. The more angst, upset, and discontent you feel, the less you are living with soul satisfaction.

When you allow soul satisfaction to be your guide, your “yes is yes” and your “no is no”. Clarity reigns supreme.

You no longer compromise yourself, your values, or your best choices. Life has a sense of ease and purpose. You take good care of yourself and positive results are reflected in all facets of your life.

Soul satisfaction generates only what is right, good, and beneficial to all. It’s not selfish or self-indulgent even though if feels liberating and fantastic. It’s simply you being you. The best possible you. The you you’re intended to be. No more, no less. Consistent and true.

Everything is subject to soul satisfaction. No exceptions. It’s our choice whether or not to pursue it, immerse ourselves in it, and make it our way of life.

Like all good things, it takes time to cultivate soul satisfaction due to years of living from a place of external focus, people-pleasing, and self-denial.

That’s okay. Start today. Start with your next decision. Simply begin to ask yourself questions. What do I really want? What am I feeling? What is most aligned with who I know myself to be or how I most want to live my life?

These questions will get you on track and raise your awareness. They will, bit by bit, lead you to a place of soul satisfaction. Once you begin to live from that place, all kinds of things will shift for the better. Circumstances will flow in a new and more organic way.

That’s the gift of living with soul satisfaction. What could possibly be better than that?


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