Trust the Process

Trust the Process

If you stop and think about it, everything in life is actually a process. Most of our desires require taking multiple steps and dealing with unknowns before developing into a final outcome.

Seeking a new career, building a small business, planning a vacation, any worthwhile goal — they all follow a similar pattern.

We must determine what we want {clarity}, do some homework {more clarity}, refine our ideas and do additional research {even more clarity}, sort through the options, prioritize, and take tangible action steps — that’s the basic process and it all happens on the way to achieving our desired result.

It’s helpful to remember that life itself is a process. We are meant to evolve, change, and grow. We can enhance the process of creating a life we love by welcoming and accepting the multitude of steps along the way.

It’s important to recognize that we can intentionally move forward, within the process, toward an end goal even though we don’t have guaranteed outcomes or final solutions in this moment.

To achieve what we most want, in any facet of our lives, we must steadily and patiently work through the process. We must make course adjustments, pause and reflect, allow for detours and dead-ends, and still stay the course. That’s all part of the process, and it’s perfectly fine.

Above all, we must learn to trust the process. We must expect and embrace frequent decision points, small wins, and periodic roadblocks.

A process is a helpful pathway and includes loosely defined milestones, it is not a rigid formula. That’s why we shouldn’t stop our progress or doubt our overall direction when things go awry.

Rather, the speed bumps along the way are indications that we’re being redirected or that more input needs to be gathered. Again, it’s all fine, it’s all part of the process.

No matter what you want to achieve in life, it’s helpful to think in terms of the process involved. When you do, you can better envision yourself moving through the necessary steps to realize your dream. You can learn to trust the process.

So what is it you want to enhance in your life? As you begin pursuing your next authentic desire, acknowledge the process and make a decision to trust it. When you do, your goal ~ whatever it may be ~ is more likely to materialize.


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