It’s Time To Experience Abundance

It’s Time To Experience Abundance

How can we possibly think lack when abundance is everywhere?

This concept came to life for me this morning in my quiet time…we are in the habit of looking at what isn’t happening for us; we feel we don’t have enough whether it’s time or money or relationships or control or whatever it is we think we’re lacking. We focus on lack.

But the truth is, abundance is natural, it’s meant to be our way of life. It’s everywhere and signs of it are everywhere.

As I considered this idea, I got on a rampage of thought;-) that rolled from topic to topic…when you look in nature there is so much abundance. Look at the multitude of flowers, look at a forest and the different kinds of trees and shrubs and plant life in a forest.

Look at sports. Look at the range of sports that exist, and everything from logos, to fans — their gear, their rituals, their expressions of team spirit — to how teams celebrate their successes. Endless, all of it.

Look at people themselves. Look at the diversity of their talents, their careers, the languages they speak, their passions, the way they dress, their personal interests…again, absolutely endless.

Look at music. The depth and breadth of musical genres, artists’ styles, the lyrics they put out, their tours – the showmanship – the range of all of it is incredible.

If you think of art, oh wow. If you’re in a museum or on Instagram the range and variety of art that exists from sculptures to oil paintings to watercolors to charcoal sketches; there’s no end to forms of creative expression.

When you stop and think about the natural ongoing abundance, it no longer makes sense to think of lack. If you go into a library or a bookstore, which I do weekly, the selection of magazines, books – it’s amazing and there’s always more coming.

It’s, in the most joyful way, mind-boggling to think about the absolute abundance and continuous flow of more that surrounds us. Pick a topic…spiritual practices, political opinions, Internet sites, styles of sneakers. Abundance, abundance, abundance, and more is on the way.

I always tell my career coaching clients, if you look on job boards, every day throughout the day new jobs are being added. There isn’t any lack. There are jobs, but you must be looking for them.

So when you start to feel lack, when you think there’s not enough of something, just stop and realize how much of everything there is; remind yourself of the ever-evolving supply.

Whether we’re talking the practical or the ethereal, it doesn’t matter. If you look for abundance, if you look for the plenty that exists, you will find it.

What I’m suggesting, and what I’m doing personally, is opening up to the reality of abundance in a powerful way. I’m practicing noticing it and appreciating it. I’m choosing to be in awe of the plentiful everything that exists.

I want to encourage you to join me and shift to a perspective of plenty. It takes practice to break the habit of a lack mentality.

Take some time and think of the ways you’ve experienced plenty this year and the ways you would love to experience plenty in the days and weeks ahead.

Start to change your focus from one of lack to one of truth. And the truth is, there is plenty. There’s plenty for me, there’s plenty for you…it’s true, there’s plenty of everything that we desire.


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