True You

True You

You are amazing. You are filled with unique potential. True you has so much to offer.

Do you know this about yourself?

Are you ready to own it? A little or a lot more?

Now is your time, the best time, to relax into true you and live more fully.

If you’re ready for the more that you deserve and that you’ve been longing for, consider these thoughts about the essence of true you.

Evolve. Life is dynamic and so are you. You’ll never be finished because you are meant to blossom and evolve into new and aligned experiences. No need to push, struggle or strive. Allow life to prompt you along. Ease up; savor the process. Learn to trust yourself and move forward, gently.

Engage. You’re meant for connection and community. Authentic connection and community. Not everyone is a match for you and that’s okay. Be discerning. You know who lifts you up and who brings you down, consistently. You know how much connection and what form of community you prefer. Honor and nurture true you with right relationships as defined by you.

Expand. Your capacity to explore your world and expand yourself is a source of great joy. What piques your curiosity? What catches your attention? What sparks your imagination? What resonates deep within your soul? Think about it and then step up, step out, ask, seek, find. You are here to expand your horizons.

Express. Everything about you is ultimately a form of self-expression. Yowza. That’s powerful. How do you self-express true you across these 6 facets of life?

  • Career {or another form of contribution}
  • Creativity
  • Leisure
  • Relationships
  • Signature Style/Self-Care
  • Spirituality

Everything you do or choose in life is either a reflection of true you or not. Every decision matters and will move you closer or further from your best life.

Choose well and express true you. Ignore your best self and something is missing…for you and for others. Which do you want it to be? What do you want your life to reflect?

You are amazing. You are filled with potential. You have much to offer. Tap into your truest self and enjoy all that is waiting to unfold.

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